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Benefits of PU insulation

Benefits of thermal insulation with polyurethane

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Energy efficiency

Polyurethane insulation and energy efficiency in buildings

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Comparative fire tests of insulated flat roofs with photovoltaic installations

Smoke toxicity - Building fabric vs contents?

Fire performance of insulation materials - Comparative tests in end-use conditions

ANPE fire tests: Roof insulation under bituminous waterproof membranes (Test Broof, t2)

ANPE fire tests: Insulation of facades with external insulated cladding (ETICS)

ANPE fire tests: Room Corner Test


The make-or-break decade: how to make the European building stock fit for 2030

PU and sustainable insulation in buildings (LCA)

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PIR/PU insulation

An introduction to PIR/PU insulation

Polyurethanes in our daily lifes

What are polyurethanes?

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Polyurethanes and comfort for life