1000 organizations urge EU Leaders to back the European Industrial Deal for investment in Europe

The Antwerp Declaration, and its call for a European Industrial Deal, has seen a remarkable surge in support, having reached 1000 supporters from business leaders of companies, associations and Trade Union organisations representing 25 sectors across Europe, in an historic display of unity.

As a reminder, it was on the 20th February that a consortium of 73 industry leaders representing nearly 20 diverse industrial sectors unveiled ‘The Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal’ to Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. This Declaration, formally endorsed by PU Europe on 29th February, serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication of European industry toward facilitating the continent’s transformation amidst challenging economic circumstances.

Emphasizing the imperative for Europe to maintain its competitiveness, resilience, and sustainability, the Declaration underscores the urgent industry needs critical for achieving these objectives. It unequivocally calls upon EU leaders to incorporate its proposals into the forthcoming EU Strategic Agenda and the trajectory of European policies over the next five years.

Central to the Declaration’s vision are ten actionable priorities, among which PU Europe staunchly advocates for:

  • Prioritizing investments in essential European infrastructure
  • Enhancing the EU’s security regarding raw materials
  • Galvanizing demand for net-zero and circular products, thereby fostering the transition from waste to novel products through innovative chemical recycling processes.

This collective effort not only underscores the industry’s commitment to sustainability and transition but also highlights its pivotal role in shaping Europe’s future trajectory. Today, we celebrate a significant milestone as the Antwerp Declaration has gained support from 1000 signatories, demonstrating widespread recognition of its importance and the unity of purpose among European industry leaders.

Please find the Declaration in A4 format here, and Cefic’s press release for the 1000 signatories by clicking here.