Building renovation is key to pushing back the Energy Dependence Day

The EU imports an increasing part of its primary energy. In 1995, the EU became dependent on foreign imports on the 26th July. Today, it is as early as the 18th June, an extra 38 days of energy dependence! Deep energy renovation can push back that date to 26th October.

The EU covers about 54 % of its primary energy needs through imports from third countries leading to a capital outflow of about €400 billion per year. This money cannot be used for investments within the EU.

Oliver Loebel, Managing Director of PU Europe commented: “The Energy Dependence Day should remind us of the pitfalls of the current situation and promote sustainable alternatives. The deep energy renovation of our building stock will not only push the dependence date backwards but also stimulate investments within the Union.”

If ambitious renovation roadmaps were implemented across the continent, the energy use of buildings could be reduced by 80 % by 2050. This in its own would push back the Energy Dependence Day to 26th October and offer multiple additional benefits. It is time to put Energy Efficiency First!

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