COP21 targets: EU governments must put energy efficiency first

Today, Europe’s energy efficiency industry and other stakeholders published two calls on the European Council and the Environment ministers to use the full potential of energy efficiency and renewable energy to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement. In particular, the energy renovation in the buildings sector can make a very substantial contribution to climate change mitigation.
PU Europe co-signed the calls published by the European Alliance to Save Energy and Renovate Europe and combining the voices of more than 70 European and multinational business stakeholders.
Oliver Loebel, Managing Director of PU Europe commented: "Relying solely on the Emissions Trading Scheme to meet our 2050 climate targets is neither feasible nor desirable. The energy renovation of our building stock can contribute the lion’s share to the overall CO2 savings target while generating growth, jobs and government income, and reducing health care costs and energy import dependency."
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