Energy Union proposal: good analysis but week proposals

The Communication on the Energy Union Package adopted today by the European Commission calls for fundamentally rethinking energy efficiency and treating it as an energy source in its own right. It rightly identifies buildings as a sector offering a huge energy efficiency potential. The proposals are however mainly supply-side driven and do not recommend clear legislative measures to unlock the savings potential of buildings.
Oliver Loebel, Managing Director of PU Europe commented: “The Commission should be applauded for putting energy efficiency in the place it deserves. Investing in the energy efficiency of buildings would not only increase energy supply security, and stimulate growth and job creation, it is also the most sustainable tool in the fight against fuel poverty.”
PU Europe supports the statements regarding the importance of space heating and cooling as the largest single source of energy demand in Europe absorbing the majority of Europe’s gas imports. The good news is, already today, existing technologies such as high-performance insulation and renewable sources of energy can reduce this energy demand to close to zero. The Polyurethane Passivhaus in Brussels occupied by seven tenants used only about 1 kWh/m2 for space heating in the cold month of December. The energy balance was positive in the warmer months.
“Unfortunately, these are still isolated examples. This emphasises the need for a clear legislative framework combining European goals with freedom for national implementation. In particular the Renovation Strategies developed under the Energy Efficiency Directive should become far more binding in their implementation,” Loebel concluded.
To the Polyurethane Passivhaus: