Evaluation and review of the Energy Efficiency Directive: PU Europe asks for a greater contribution from the building stock

PU Europe, representing the European polyurethane insulation industry, believes that critical legislations such as the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) must be made more effective and contribute more to the success of the European Green Deal. The context described in the background document of this roadmap from the European Commission calls for a better implementation as well as an ambitious review of the EED. This review shall fully account for the energy savings potential in the buildings, from commercial and industrial premises to households and shall come in strong support to the renovation waves that to date would mainly be triggered in the context of the implementation of the EPBD.

PU Europe strongly recommends that a bold building stock energy efficiency target be set in the EED. In addition, decreasing the building envelope consumption, applying the Energy First principle, can be realised via two articles of the EED.

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