Industry Leaders Join Forces to Ensure Effective Implementation of F-Gas Phasedown in Europe

PU Europe is joining forces with the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) and other 9 leading European associations to propose concrete and ambitious amendment proposals to the F-Gas Regulation Revision proposed by the Commission.

Representing industries manufacturing, servicing, and installing heating, cooling, refrigeration, and foam insulation solutions, the alliance is suggesting amendments for product bans aim to better reflect the granularity and variety of technologies.

“The use of low-GWP F-gas in our insulation foam is limited to a handful of applications for which alternatives are not yet developed or even in sight. Based on an impact assessment, the Commission proposal did not foresee any ban on their use. Therefore, we urge decision-makers to design an ambitious yet workable F Gas legislation” said Arnaud Duvielguerbigny, PU Europe Secretary General.

The press release is available by clicking here.