Kay Hennekens re-elected as PU Europe President

The PU Europe general assembly of 24th October re-elected Kay Hennekens as association president with a second two-year mandate. Mr Hennekens, aged 46, has worked in the PU insulation industry since 1988. He is currently Managing Director of Nestaan Holland b.v.
Kay Hennekens stressed that the European Council’s decision to go only for a 27% indicative energy efficiency target for 2030 may actually slow down energy efficiency improvements instead of stimulating them. In fact, the target translates into as little as 0.7% of annual savings from 2020 to 2030.
“It will be very difficult to lift building renovation rates and grasp their cost-efficient savings potential if the cross-sector target remains below business as usual. The PU thermal insulation industry is one of the few sectors that continue to create new jobs across Europe in both production and installation. It is shocking to see that Members States do not seem worried about spending €1.1bn every day on energy imports, instead of realising the energy saving and job creation potential of Europe’s largest energy consumer – buildings.”, Hennekens said.
The PU Europe general assembly also elected Hervé Fellmann and Alberto Mercati as association vice-presidents with a similar mandate. Mr Fellmann is the Director General of Soprema (France) whereas Mr Mercati is EMEA Associate Marketing Director – Energy Efficiency at Dow (Italy).