Parliament’s Energy Committee wants nZEB building stock by 2050

Today, the European Parliament’s industry and energy committee (ITRE) approved its own-initiative report on the Energy Efficiency Directive (Pieper Report). MEPs reiterated their call for a 40 % energy efficiency target for 2030. The multiple benefits of energy efficiency should be taken into account and a social discount rate applied. PU Europe welcomes the vote which should be taken into account by the European Commission when re-drafting the Energy Efficiency and the Energy Performance of Buildings directives. 
The PU Europe Managing Director, Oliver Loebel, commented: "ITRE has not only confirmed the need for an ambitious overall efficiency target, it has also highlighted the existing building stock as a priority sector to achieve these savings while realising multiple other benefits." 
In fact, ITRE members call for the energy efficient renovation of existing buildings so that our building stock meets nZEB standards by 2050. Renovation rates should be increased based on clear long-term strategies.   
"If confirmed in the plenary meeting, the report would be another call to the Commission to propose legislation that paves the way to a quasi zero energy building stock by 2050. This is a prerequisite to honouring our COP21 commitments", Loebel concluded.