PU Europe comments the EU Taxonomy delegated acts proposed by the European Commission

Against the backdrop of the publication of new set of EU taxonomy criteria for economic activities that contribute substantially to the transition to a circular economy, PU Europe took this opportunity to provide its views on proposed technical screening criteria via a position paper.

In the position paper, PU Europe questions the thresholds and definitions mentioned under sections 3.1.4 and 3.2.4 and expresses its willingness to contribute to the Platform on Sustainable Finance as an ad-hoc expert.

Being also a member of the Construction 2050 Alliance, PU Europe supports its joint statement available here, which outlines the need for realistic and transparent thresholds, enabling the sector to live up to its key role in contributing effectively to the transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient and circular EU economy.

Indeed, the sustainable investment framework should be crafted in a way that a quick and orderly move towards a more sustainable and low carbon construction sector is made possible, with polyurethane thermal insulation products as a one of the solutions to achieve those objectives.