PU Europe General Assembly calls for ambitious building renovation programme

The PU Europe general assembly took place in Poznan (Poland) on 9th October 2015. The delegates agreed that building renovation is key to achieving the EU’s climate goals and reducing its dependence on imported fuels. 
The 35th PU Europe general assembly brought together experts from across the European Union. Michal Kalinowski, president of the hosting association SIPUR stressed: "The decision to hold the PU Europe general assembly in Poland is highly symbolic. Our building stock and industrial installations offer a huge cost efficient savings potential and even new constructions are currently not realising their full efficiency potential. This is regrettable as solutions, such as PU high-performance insulation, are readily available in the market." 
Kay Hennekens, President of PU Europe added: "PU Europe is monitoring the energy consumption of a Passivhaus in Brussels which is exclusively insulated with PU. In practice, it functions as a zero energy building. Interestingly, the developer showed evidence that the additional cost of meeting the Passivhaus standard has decreased with each new project. This learning curve effect should encourage countries such as Poland to put in place ambitious pathways towards nearly zero energy buildings."
PU Europe sees the forthcoming revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive as a major tool to stimulate the deep and staged-deep renovation of Europe’s buildings with a view to bringing our building stock down to nearly zero energy demand by 2050. 
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