PU Europe joins the European Chemical Recycling Coalition

The aim of the coalition, which has been initiated by CEFIC & PlasticsEurope, is to work together to address key and common issues concerning chemical recycling collectively. The coalition will operate to maximise common understanding. It brings together associations along the plastic/thermoset value chains with an interest in the development and deployment of chemical recycling. The coalition highlights the potential of chemical recycling as a complementing step in the complete solution for the circularity of plastics/thermosets.

As one of the solutions to operationalise the Circular Economy agenda, chemical recycling can bring polyurethane molecules from our long lasting products (50 y +) back into the European economy. Furthermore, this pathway already contributes to bringing plastic waste, from drinking bottles for instance, into the construction sector.

More information on the Coalition via https://www.coalition-chemical-recycling.eu/