PU Europe welcomes Elachem onboard

Elachem S.p.a. has been founded in Vigevano (Italy) in 2001 and specializes in the production of aromatic and aliphatic polyester polyols and polyurethane systems for many applications. Elachem S.p.a. is currently one of the market leaders, with an annual PU systems production capacity of 50,000 tons and 105.000 tons of saturated polyester polyols for all business partners demand all over the world.

Federico Brusa, CEO said “we are delighted to join PU Europe association. Elachem’s commitment is to invest and contribute to the PU Industry with dedicated regional footprints and expansion plan to follow polyester polyols increasing global demand trend”.

Mattia Giannoni, Commercial Director, emphasised the importance of the EU, in particular Northern EU, Benelux and UK as key reference markets to insulation industry and regulatory compliance. “The reduction of carbon footprint is the main goal of our innovation-focused organization”, he stated.

Giuseppe Galante, COO,  added that Elachem’s brand-new, state-of-the-art facility and process are built to maximize energy efficiency and adhere to the highest EHS requirements.

Elachem combined its production capacity with a new facility that makes saturated polyester resins in 2015, following the rising trend in the manufacturing of polyurethane components, which guarantees customers the highest standard of quality. Moreover, Elachem S.p.a. products line has been implemented with the acquisition of Epaflex® Polyurethanes in 2008, adding Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and elastomers among others. Elachem S.p.a. dispose of the latest generation laboratories, thanks to which they follow the entire production process, from design to testing.

For more information about Elachem, please visit https://www.elachem.com/en/