PU Europe’s PU Plants/System Houses Map for Europe now available!

PU Europe is proud to announce that the first of its kind European PU Plants/System Houses Map was unveiled on the 13th of October at its General Assembly meeting in Rotterdam. The PDF version is now made accessible here for any stakeholders. This initiative is aimed at showing the strength of the network and the presence of the industry in Europe. On the map, a distinction is made between factories from the PU Europe network (member companies of national trade associations) which are plotted and numbered and non-members, which are simply listed on the right-hand side.

This invaluable resource has also been shared via our LinkedIn profile.

PU Europe is committed to furthering the accuracy of the map (yearly revision would be made) and of course welcoming new members!

A big thank you to all our members who, with their invaluable contributions, made this ambitious project possible.