The impact of banning low GWP F Gas in insulation foam

In light of the latest F Gas Regulation developments, PU Europe has sent an official statement to the F Gas competent authorities emphasising the vital role of low Global Warming Potential (GWP) F Gases in insulation foam applications.

PU Europe suggests that instead of implementing a ban on low GWP F Gases – which could happen by 2033 at the latest, a lowering of the threshold should be considered. While the quota allocation scheme is intended to manage GWP reduction, a lower threshold would allow customers to continue benefiting from closed-cell PU foam solutions that offer superior performance. This approach aligns with the purpose of the F Gas Regulation, which aims to control greenhouse gas emissions effectively.

A ban on the use of low GWP F Gases in insulation foam would have significant implications for the Renovation Wave, as approximately 80 % of the buildings that will exist in 2050 have already been constructed.

PU Europe emphasizes the need to find solutions that strike the right balance between addressing operating greenhouse gas emissions from the existing building stock and controlling low GWP F Gases.