PU Europe members are committed to developing products meeting highest environmental and health standards and providing whole life solutions for polyurethane insulation products. 

PU Europe supports these efforts by closely co-operating with the European institutions and standardisation bodies in areas such as European waste policy and polyurethane waste strategies, indoor air quality of buildings and REACH. PU insulation products have one of the lowest indoor air emission levels of all insulation products on the market today - be they organic, mineral or natural. Hence, in countries where levels for the emission of dangerous substances exist, PU insulation (PUR and PIR) achieves the best class. 

A number of independent research projects have been supported to further improve the overall environmental performance of PU insulation.

SPF Certification Training Package

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Walk the Talk is a programme developed by the members of ISOPA with the aim of improving safety, health and environmental standards across the European polyurethanes industry. The "Walk the Talk" programme focuses on the behavioural safety of everyone involved in the industry through an ongoing process of information exchange and dialogue.